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I haven't updated in a while. Well Iza' single. For 8 months or so now. I'm also trying to lose weight for bikini season. Haven't worn a bikini since I was 9. Depressing isn't it? I weighed myself monday 148....been working out like crazy and eating right....weighed myself today..143 YAY! party for me! Table of one. Hush girl. shut your lips, do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips....horrible but catchy. I can't wait to go back to the gym. It's a lovely feeling knowing all the pain and sweating is working.
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Sleepy lover

My boyfriend Mat left to go visit his grandparents in "Tiny Soda" and I miss him like crazy.
I just left a very long and drawn out message on his phone. It was quite entertaining.
But every since the minute he left I haven't been able to sleep, see he left my house at 1 in 
the morning and I didn't go to be till 4 and that's only because I had to take sleeping pills in 
order to get some sleep. And even though today is the third day since he's been gone, every night
I have to take some sleeping pills in order to sleep. It's very odd for me because normally I'm the 
first to sleep and I normally sleep around 9 or 10.(I'm a very sleepy person, sleep is my friend)
 I hope this sleeping pattern doesn't continue, I have to get up early now because I have summer
 school and it's P.E. and it wares me even more out if I'm sleepy. Counting down the days till the
 28th when he gets home.
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So I'm a happy camper.
    My new boyfriend who was my bestfriend, has made me happier than ever.
He's soooo cute, and I stole his class ring and I'm wearing it as we speak.
    Today is the first day of summer, I've started out pretty good.
I road my bike with my friend down to the coffee shop, we chilled out there for a while, then we went back to her house, I uploaded some of my artwork, and now we are at her mans house where I made a beautiful piece of artwork just with the trash that was on his floor
Yay for inavativnessness.

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 Why is it that everyone looks so blah in the mornings?
You've just woken up from a great nights rest...shouldn't you look fresh???
You look better when you go to bed than when you wake up.
This makes little question marks pop up in my brain.

Anyways, today is cool so was interesting, we got to yell at this's apart of his peice. But it was still fun. I have to write a peice on my shoes, it's so stupid...but I have to do's a grade.

hmmm....Libraries...library's...(??? w/e don't know the correct way to spell it..) they are boring...I come in here everyday at lunch and check out my gets very boring. But it's funny, it's always the same people in here.
You've got the sports-maniac guy that sits to my left...always on some sport site, the douche bag freshman over there in the corner, then you've got the mormon boy and girl that sit behind's just funny. Everyone skips their lunch to come to the library. I wonder what their reasons are...mine's because I have no friends at lunch...I'm a loner during school hours. It sucks, but whatcha' gonna do?

I reallly need to get my computer fixed, this is annoying. I want to update my ipod because I have some cds that I want on it...but I can't do anything about it because my laptop is dead.
Reason 2 for me being here in the library.

Peace. Love. Happy things comin your way

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This live journal thing is very confusing!
But i will one day get the hang.
So what's up?
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